February 5, 2016

Spring is Coming! Sign up Now!

Written by John Dysinger

It's been a crazy winter so far, with temperatures in December warm enough to sprout tomato seeds on our compost pile! The strawberry plants were in full bloom - thinking it was their time to shine. Alas, the plants now sit looking rather dejected with their burden of frozen flowers and fruit. But, the good news is that, no matter how crazy the winter may be, spring is coming!

Our greenhouse is filling up with newly sprouted plants, and plans are in place for the best CSA ever (Farmer's love the fact that they can have a clean slate every year; they also need lots faith and optimism to face whatever may come!)

This year our spring/summer CSA is starting the first week in April - trying to maximize on our favorite time of year. The price per box is remaining the same, although the total price is higher because the season is running two weeks longer. We have a new CSA management program, so the look and feel of the sign up will be a little different, but we believe it will help our overall program.

There's lots more to say, but the battery on my laptop is about to die and I don't have a way to plug it in right now, so we'll just end by saying that we hope you will join us for another season of fresh, garden produce. There are some incentives for signing up early, so don't delay!

We look forward to serving you again this season!


John - for the whole farm crew