February 10, 2014

Join our CSA family!

Written by Pam Dysinger

In spite of what it feels like outside, spring is on it’s way and summer tomatoes will be here before you know it!  As you think about the abundant produce of summer, we want to invite you to be a part of our CSA family.  We give Bountiful Blessings Farm’s BEST to our family.  But, before you make your decision, let us introduce ourselves.

Farmer John is the backbone of the summer production.  He spends his winter planning, spring planting, summer executing (and weeding) and fall evaluating.  Farming has been a calling for John and one which he has taken very seriously.  For 16 years he has been learning the art of growing beautiful produce; God takes our meager efforts and blesses with beautiful berries and vegetables.

The farmer’s wife, Pam, wears many hats.  She finds great joy in the reality that all the “chickies” are still in the nest, (though some are flapping their wings pretty strongly : ).  During the winter months, she enjoys the slower pace where she can focus on the home front, but come spring, she will be heavily involved in the activities of the farm.  For Pam, getting to know CSA customers makes the long hours on the farm worthwhile.

Kirsten, 22, is a farm girl through and through and finds great joy in the barefoot days of summer.  She loves farm life, just so long as it’s not crazy enough to crowd out time to hang her hammock over the creek and savor life. This is especially true when Nick’s hammock is close by. Yes, Nick Knecht will be returning to the farm this spring.  He and Kirsten make a great team and despite the chiding of her brothers about how distracted they get when working together, they are thorough and fast.  They are looking forward to heading up the 12 South market again and doing all in their power to make this season the best one our farm has ever seen.

Jonathan, 20, is unfortunately not directly working on the farm anymore.  We miss his ingenious ways of tackling big jobs, but are perfectly content to see God’s leading in his life. His Farmers Friend business is keeping him very busy.  Take a look at his website www.farmersfriendllc.com and check out the harvester that he invented and is manufacturing (plus see Nick’s videography talents).

Joshua, 18, is John’s right hand man - putting all his energies into farming activities.  This winter he purchased over 100 baby chicks, designed and built a handsome-looking chicken trailer coop where his “girls” proudly roost each night, and has been watching over them like a mother hen.  He has also added fence building and wood floor laying and finishing to his tool bag of skills.  This summer he will again be managing our wholesale accounts and helping with every facet of produce production.

Zack, 16, is following in Jonathan’s footsteps with an interest in mechanical things.  He is doing all he can to make sure our equipment is in good working order before the spring rush begins.  Zack will be working part-time for Jonathan in his small engine shop which will give him good opportunity to learn to manage time well.  He will continue to be a very active part of the day-to-day work of the farm.

Caleb, 10, loves the out of doors no matter whether it’s work or play.  “Real work” is preferred over school work.  Today he emphatically stated that “whoever thought up the idea of ‘school’ wasn’t very smart” : )  Right now his main job is to keep enough peat moss and compost sifted to keep his Dad in good supply - that’s no small task this time of year!

It’s been a long, hard winter, but by faith we believe spring WILL come.  The seeds are purchased and being sown, the plans are laid, and we are gearing up for the best season yet.  So, come join our family, and let’s get acquainted this summer!