March 19, 2013

Spring is Coming!

Written by Kirsten Dysinger

Spring is on its way to Bountiful Blessings Farm! This thrilling fact is made evident by ready-to-burst buds on the maple trees, little flowers peeking their heads through brown grass, and the cheery trills of Purple Martins, coming home from the south.

The cool days and chilly nights though, have slowed down the emergence of spring. The nights still often drop below freezing and send the Spring Peepers retreating back to their muddy burrows. My warm weather clothes remain packed away, while my shoes and socks stay on. But spring is coming; it cannot be held back much longer!

The last couple months have seen the John Dysinger family emerging back onto the daily farm scene. Hours have been spent in planning, preparing and planting for the upcoming spring/summer season. We find each new year to be an exciting challenge, as we strive to work more efficiently, improve quality and quantity, and  grow better, healthier food for ourselves and those around us.

Farm projects for the coming days:

  • Plant 8,000 Onions
  • Plant 1,000 Tomatoes
  • Plant 1,000 lbs of Irish Potatoes
  • Plant 100 Blueberry Plants
  • Plant 300 more Asparagus
  • Plants Build 8th Hoophouse¬†