August 21, 2013

No Winter CSA This Season

Written by Edwin Dysinger

Dear CSA family,

While we love serving you all and your friendship gives us joy - we regret to inform you that we have decided not to do our winter CSA this season.  It has been a very difficult decision to make, but we do feel it is what we need to do for our family's sake.

We finished this last season drained and feeling that we needed to take a break.  For over three years we have been pushing without a break (preparing for Caroline's wedding, followed by doing our first summer CSA with John and Pam, followed by John and Pam going to Honduras and us running the winter CSA, followed immediately by growing winter squash, sweet potatoes and Irish potatoes for the winter CSA, followed by last winter's CSA).  In all that pushing a lot of stuff has piled up that needs to be taken care of but has been put on the back burner.

So, as I said, we finished our CSA in March feeling that we shouldn't do it again next season, that we really needed a breather.  But as John and Pam brought glowing reports back from those who had done our winter CSA and telling us how you all were looking forward to it again next season, we decided to reconsider.  Was there some way we could do something less, but still serve you?  So, we have spent our summer going back and forth and around in circles, but in the end we realize that to get the rest and space we need to catch our breath and deal with our backlog, we should truly not do the CSA.

To support ourselves, we will be doing some limited growing which we plan to wholesale.  We are very sorry and look forward to when we can once again invite you to join us through the winter, but until then you may wish to look into several other local winter CSAs.

Until next time - and with love and gratitude for your support, faithfulness, love, smiles, commitment, and the million other ways you have brought blessings into our lives... thank you, and we look forward to seeing you on the other side of our reprieve (hopefully with more love, energy, and time to put into the beautiful veggies that you love so much)!

With love, Edwin, Jennifer, and Paul Dysinger Bountiful Blessings Farm