April 20, 2013

Frost Protecting...

Written by Pam Dysinger

5:00AM, Sabbath morning

I (Pam) groggily role over to turn my alarm clock off, and crawling out of bed I wearily pull on my coveralls and jacket.  “This is not the Sabbath rest that I’m use to,” I mumble to myself. My hard working husband, who usually shoulders this job is away, so its left to the children and I.

The thermometer in the bedroom reads 26.8. As I step out the door a blast of cold air hits me in the face and instantly I can tell it is much colder than my 2AM rounds.  Hopping into the car, I turn the headlights on and begin my march around the half acre Strawberry field, looking for any sprinklers that have fallen down on the job.

Arriving at the bottom of the field I look back towards the car lights and the sight that meets my eyes is inspiring.  The black of the night backlit by the car lights makes those plain and ordinary sprinklers look magnificent.  Like faithful springs, they spray their life giving water over our field, creating an icy blanket of protection.    Were they that faithful all through the night?  When the children had to venture out at 11,12, 1, 3 and 4 O’clock did they have to tramp through that wet field to unclog sprinklers, or were they faithfully doing their job?

Walking back to the house, my heart was turned to my creator.  He makes all things beautiful, even the common dandelion.  As my head lamp lighted up the head of seeds, it was transformed from a common “weed” into a magnificent “crystal” ball.

Our God never sleeps or slumbers but is continually working to bless us.  What a privilege it is to cooperate with Him in His work.  We learned long ago that we have a part to play (we covered all our crops on Friday) but without His protection our efforts are “fruitless.”

Yes, it’s been a restless night but as the sun rises I feel rested.

The frost protecting crew,

Pam, Kirsten, Jonathan, Joshua & apprentice Nick