February 14, 2012

Social is Here

Written by Paul Dysinger

Well my friends, the more we live on the farm the more we realize that life is about relationships. Of course we come into daily contact with the relationships between compost and soil nutrients, water and plants, sunlight and warmth... and the list could go on, but by far the greatest of all is our relationships with one another. And for us, that means our relationship with you. :) Hey, we're your farmer!

And being that we're your farmer, we want you to be a part of our farm as much as possible which has taken us into the plunge of social networking. Actually it really isn't that big of a "plunge" at all - in fact it is quite simple... Now I can simply snap a quick photo of what is going on (planting, harvesting, composting, fun...) and in a matter of a few seconds tweet it out to you! What a blast!

Feel free to check out our new Twitter and Facebook pages - we'd love to have you as our "followers" ;)

Blessings, Paul