What sets your CSA apart from others?

We can only go by what our customers say, since we’ve never been a part of another one! Four things we hear often are taste, quality, variety, and cleanliness. Because we are blessed with lots of water, we are able to take the extra time and effort to give you a product that not only tastes good, but looks good straight out of the box.

Another blessing we have is lots of protected growing area (hoophouses). This allows us to have tomatoes and other produce in the spring usually at least a month ahead of those growing outside. This also allows us to have tomatoes and peppers into November.

Of course, the fact that we have a Fall/Winter CSA also sets us apart. To our knowledge, we were the first in Middle Tennessee. There are now a handful of others, but it is still very much a niche. Although we make no claims to be “experts,” having 16 CSA seasons behind us does put us a little ways along the “learning curve.”