How much produce do we get in the boxes?

We deliver in a 2/3 bushel tote. While we don’t promise to always have them packed full, it is not uncommon to have a hard time closing the lid. We do our best to be fair and even generous with our produce, but there is an understood risk involved in joining a CSA.

Due to the many variables associated with farming, we cannot guarantee the quantity or quality of the produce received. If, due to circumstances out of our control, we are not able to provide the quantity or quality of produce which we desire and you expect, you, the consumer, must understand that you are “sharing the risks” of farming. In effect, you are acting as “insurance” to make sure we will be farming here next year.

Having said this though, in spite of various “crop failures” every year, we have always had enough produce to keep the vast majority of our customers “thrilled.” Our job is to anticipate challenges, plant extra, and have enough variety so that our customers want to keep coming back for more.